Army Sentences Two Occupation Objectors to 27 More Days in Jail

The Israeli military sentenced two occupation objectors, Tamar Alon and Tamar Ze’evi, to an additional 27 days each in military prison on Monday, December 12, for refusing to serve in the army due to their opposition to the occupation of the Palestinian territories. This was the third sentencing for each of them. By the end of this term they will each have completed 44 days behind bars.

Last week, numerous demonstrations took place around the world calling on governments and arms manufacturers to stop arming the Israeli occupation. These vigils were held in solidarity with Ze’evi and Alon as, like them, people around the world are not prepared to serve the occupation.

Demonstrators in Paris hold a solidarity vigil for Alon and Ze'evi.

Demonstrators in Paris hold a solidarity vigil for Alon and Ze’evi. (Photo: Messarvot)

The young women first declared their conscientious objection at the Israeli army’s Tel HaShomer induction base in mid-November, saying that they refuse to take part in the oppression of the Palestinian people. They were sentenced to 10 days in military prison at the time. At the end of their current, third, prison stint, the two will be released, after which they will be required to report once again to the induction base. They will then likely once again declare their refusal, and be handed a fourth prison sentence, a cycle that can repeat itself for months on end. Ze’evi and Alon are both asking to perform an alternative civilian national service instead of military service.