Palestine being a UN member – Important contribution for peace

Resolution of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI)

The September 20th Palestinian appeal to the UN, for the granting of an official member state status to Palestine, elevates the campaign for Palestinian independence to a new level. Although UN recognition of a Palestinian state in June 4th 1967 borders does not mean an end of Israeli occupation, it is nonetheless an important political step towards meeting that end. Palestinian membership in the UN will be a great contribution to the efforts to end the occupation and establish a just peace between Israel and Palestine.


According to all estimates, a great majority of the 192 UN member states will support the admission of Palestine as a full member, and a minority – headed by the United States – will vote against. The United States is also expected to use its veto, when this matter will be debated in the Security Council.


The Obama administration, well aware of the isolation facing it and Israel in the UN, is trying to avoid the embarrassment. Therefore, it is openly pressuring (both directly and through its allies) the Palestinian authority, and especially Chairperson Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), to withdraw from appealing to UN institutes.


Netanyahu’s government, which is increasingly being isolated in the world, is systematically working to heighten tensions and to start conflicts in Gaza and the West Bank. In the context of these efforts, the Israeli Police is training the settlers, for them to be ready to take an active part in the conflicts which the government is preparing.


The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Israel reiterates that it is the natural right of the Palestinian people to establish its own state, and for it to be recognized internationally and granted full UN membership. This right rests also on the UN partition plan from November 29th 1947, on countless UN resolutions, and on President Obama’s 2010 declaration, regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state in September 2011.


The Political Bureau calls on Party organizations and on the Young Communist League of Israel, to take an active part in the public activities organized by peace and women’s’ organization, aimed at supporting the declaration of an independent Palestinian state, and to pressure those who refuse its recognition, especially the Obama administration and Netanyahu’s government, for them to change their opinion.


September 8, 2011