MK Touma-Sliman: Failure to Arrest Duma Terrorists Sanctions Next Attack

Hadash MK Aida Touma-Sliman (Joint List) has condemned Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon for failing to arrest the perpetrators of the deadly Duma firebombing. The defense minister told a closed meeting of Likud party members on Wednesday, September 9, that the defense establishment knows who bombed the Dawabsha home, killing three members of the family, in the occupied West Bank Palestinian village, but that the person was not under arrest in order to “avoid exposing intelligence sources in court.”

“The Minister of Defense has turned a blind eye towards the extremists who are behind the death of the Dawabsha family. Now he continues to maintain this ugly and contemptuous policy, and states that although he knows who is behind the murder – the atrocious criminals will not be prosecuted. Would that also be the case if a Jewish family was murdered?” Touma-Sliman said in a press release. “Ya’alon’s statement exposes the system’s tolerant attitude towards settler terror, thereby sanctioning the next murder. Ya’alon and the system he is at the head of are fully responsible for the atrocious murder of the Dawabsha family and for the ongoing settler violence against Palestinians.”

The funeral of Saad Dawabsha in the village of Duma, West Bank, August 8, 2015

The funeral of Saad Dawabsha in the village of Duma, West Bank, August 8, 2015 (Photo: Activestills)

Nasser Dawabsha, a member of the family added, “Ya’alon’s statement is unjustified; Israel must immediately reveal the identity of the murderers. They have ignited the entire society, not just Duma.” Dawabsha went on to say, “I know that the attack was a major incident for Israel, and that Israel wants to arrest the perpetrators in order to show the world that it is a country which hunts down and apprehends murderers.” But he also added that, “Even if the murderers will be arrested, what will happen? The court will just say they are crazy, and they will live out their lives in some hotel like the murderers of Mohamed Abu- Khdeir.”