Communist Party of Israel: “Netanyahu Must Go!”

The Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Israel (CPI), in its most recent meeting held on Friday, August 6, discussed the status of investigations into allegations of corruption currently being conducted by the police against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Members of the bureau expressed the opinion that the ongoing probes merely reveal the tip of the iceberg of all the hidden relations between big capital and the right-wing government of Israel. “In any other country, the prime minister would have resigned. Netanyahu must go!”

Enough! Netanyahu go home!

Enough! Netanyahu go home!

A statement released by the Political Bureau after the meeting reads as follows:

“The Political Bureau of the CPI utterly rejects and condemns the suggestion of ‘territorial exchange’ initiated by Netanyahu, involving the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel residing in the city of Umm al-Fahm and the surrounding area of Wadi Ara, and their transfer to the Palestinian Authority. The only bases for a just peace are: the end of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian Territories it conquered in June 1967; the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital, alongside the State of Israel; and a just solution to the issue of the Palestinian refugees. The CPI unequivocally rejects any attempt by Netanyahu or his minions to compare the citizens of Umm al-Fahm and Wadi ‘Ara, who are indigenous residents of this land from time immemorial, and Israeli settlers residing illegally in the occupied territories.

“Netanyahu’s latest racist proposal is part of his and his government’s ongoing campaign of incitement against the Arab-Palestinian public in Israel – the de-legitimization of the Arab citizens of Israel, their very citizenship and their leadership; a campaign that’s no longer the lot of the Fascist right in Israel, but which now emanates from the throat of he who stands at the head of the political pyramid.
“This new proposal is also part of the fascist deterioration of Israeli society – a trend that demands a united front of the Arab public and all democratic forces – but which we only expect will intensify with the increasing investigations into and the accusations made against Netanyahu’s corruption.

“The latest developments in Syria and Lebanon ‒ the liberation of territories from the control of the Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra organizations ‒ demonstrate the failure of imperialism, the reactionary Arab regimes and their unholy lackeys, and prove that the struggle of the Arab peoples against their enemies’ attempts to disunite and break them apart is indeed bearing fruit. At any moment will come the collapse of the gamble by the United States and its allies to exhaust the peoples and states of the region in order to further their own military hegemony and economic interests. In this context, the CPI sounds a grave warning about a possible military adventure by Israeli leaders that could push the region into yet a more destructive and bloodier war.”

Kudos to MK Dr. Abdallah Abu Maarouf and the CYO

The statement released by the Political Bureau of the CPI concludes with two expressions of gratitude:

“The Political Bureau of the CPI appreciates the announcement by MK Dr. Abdallah Abu Maarouf to submit his resignation from the Knesset this coming Wednesday, August 9, as part of the implementation of the Joint List’s rotation agreement.”

“The Political Bureau congratulates the dozens of summer camps being held by the Communist Youth Organization (CYO), a unique educational project in which hundreds of youth and thousands of children are active every year, fostering revolutionary values ​​and internationalism among the younger generations. The bureau calls upon the party chapters and regional organizations to support this important project.”